How Does Marijuana Affect Social Health

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Marijuana does not only affect your physical and social health, but it also affects your emotional and mental health. Marijuana acts on naturally occurring receptors in the brain called cannabinoid receptors, which then cause mood-altering effects. Mood altering effects are when you have dramatic mood swings and you can’t control your emotions. When you smoke weed, you start to lose feel of your emotions. This means that you start to become emotionless. If you are frustrated, angry, sad, or hurt, your feelings become medicated from the marijuana, meaning that the marijuana takes over your emotions and basically controls you. Your emotions are drowned out enough that there is a similar effect to medicating your emotions with alcohol. When using marijuana on a daily basis, it plants the idea in your head that you can…show more content…
Research findings on how chronic cannabis use affects brain structure, for example, have been inconsistent. It may be that the effects are too subtle for reliable detection by current techniques. A similar challenge arises in studies of the effects of chronic marijuana use on brain function. Although imaging studies (functional MRI; fMRI) in chronic users do show some consistent alterations, the relation of these changes to cognitive functioning is less clear. This uncertainty may stem from confounding factors such as other drug use, residual drug effects (which can occur for at least 24 hours in chronic users), or withdrawal symptoms in long-term chronic users. Marijuana, a gateway drug, has symptoms of many emotions such as anxiety, aggression, depression, and decreased appetite. Many regular marijuana users seem to lose their motivation to achieve in school, work, sports, or creative endeavors. Even if they are talented and were doing well in these areas, they may stop trying. At the same time, the money they may have spent on their productive pursuits becomes diverted to drug

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