Recreational Marijuana And Crime Research Paper

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The Legalization of Recreational Marijuana and Its Effect on Crime Rates LIT. REVIEW The United States of America has been identified as a land filled with diversity, with citizens and non-citizens from different parts of the world. Like any other nation there are different political, religious and cultural views that lead to major public opinions. These public opinions somewhat tend to influence bills that are passed and major laws in and country. Purely from a layman’s perspective drugs have been generally been scorned by a great percentage of the world’s population; however, nevertheless the size there is a distinguished population that supports and believes that drugs do more good than harm and therefore should be accepted into society. Well in this case it is almost obvious that the general opinion has prevailed therefore the term “illicit” has been tagged in front of the word drugs signifying that it is generally forbidden to be in possession of drugs.…show more content…
According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2015, 08; UNODC) drugs in medicine “refers to any substance with the potential to prevent or cure diseases or enhance physical and mental welfare.” However this organization also states that “drug control conventions do not recognize a distinction between licit and illicit drug, they describe only the use to be licit or illicit.” (2015, 10; UNODC). Then drug being researched in this paper is Marijuana, also commonly known as cannabis; and trying to find out if the legalization of recreational marijuana can have a positive or negative spike in crime

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