The Negative Effects Of Cheating On School

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Technology may seem very innocent or hold the image as an incredible resource that we use on an everyday basis, ordinarily, they are, but in some cases that statement is false. In our current day, there are a wide variety of technologies that can help us with multiple things. Two of the mass amounts being simple tasks and communicate with others. While there are obviously there are lots of positive flaws in technology, there like everything is some negative, mainly for students. The number one negative effect on students and technology is cheating on school work. There are a mass amount ways students today could cheat on a test, and you guessed it, technology makes up most of them. It's actually becoming a major problem in our society as of…show more content…
Cheating happens so frequently that teachers from various schools, depending on a wide spread of grades required that you can't bring your phone in class before a test. Cheating usually starts in high school, then leads up to college. For the past twenty-five years, it has risen dramatically. Higher GPAs carry a slight chance that the student might of cheating. Still regarding that one out of every three student statistic. Students today shouldn't be allowed to possess their phone, smart watch, or even Fitbit out in class during a test, as a result, they will likely be tempted to cheat. Most jobs around the country require developed skills to help progress in that career choice. If a student cheats on assignments showing these skills, then they will not grasp the information, and when that same student goes to apply for a job they will not have the skills to help them in it. The main problem is math. As you may have hopefully learned in school math is everything and will always be everywhere no matter what. We use math, and math life skills every day. If a student cheats on assessments regarding math, then there is no doubt that they will have trouble with simple everyday tasks in their future. They just would not have as much skill as other students, or put in as much effort which is not very fair to students that try. The students that cheated also wouldn't ask for extra help from the teacher. Which may lead to possible troubles of socializing, or asking for advice from others. Both of which could help a person in or out of school. Their cheating habits not only affects the person cheating it also affects other students. If a student got a little lower score, then they could decrease their GPA just a little causing the college they wanted to get into not accepting them. Which would make them have to choose a different college that may not be in their specific

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