Elements Of My Identity

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At the beginning of this identity course, I chose six aspects that I considered to be a part of my identity. I chose my appearance and religion, along with being a Nebraskan, family member, student, and athlete as the six key aspects of my identity. Reflecting over this first assignment, my main elements that form my identity have been altered or changed. My appearance, being an American, and my religion are three new aspects that are important in forming my identity. My appearance stands out most in how I identify myself. I have always been taller than most of the people I hang out with, so I have always felt like I stick out like a sore thumb. I also have natural, whitish-blonde hair than singles me out in crowds. My hair and height are not only just a part of my identity, but they are also one of the first things others use when describing me. I have become accustomed to people questioning my hair color or referring to me as “that tall, blonde girl.” According to Zimmer, the brain will increase our self-awareness to make us pay more attention, which causes our actions to change. Standing taller than everyone increases my self-awareness. This often cause me to become self-conscious and think that everyone was…show more content…
In the video, Crash Course Sociology: Theories of Gender, they explain that men are often taught to show instrumental qualities, such as competitiveness, dominance, and confidence, while women exhibit more expressional qualities, such as empathy and sensitivity. Expressive qualities are often demonstrated through my personality. As a woman, I express a lot of empathy and always consider myself as the person who always has a shoulder to cry on. As a result, most of my friends call me the “mom” of the group because of the way I want to care for everyone and treat them as my own children. My gender is an aspect of my appearance, but my race also is one of the main elements of my
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