The Mongolian Empire: Genghis Khan

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Genghis Khan was a ruler of the Mongolians and was the most efficient ruler of his time. Genghis Khan’s life style and his ability to unite the warring Mongolian tribes contributed in his creating such a vast and powerful empire. The Mongols lifestyle was the most important piece in creating such a vast and powerful empire. The Mongolians relied on animals for survival. They used a hunting tactic which surrounded the animals until they were in one spot and they shoot them with 100 arrows. The Mongols only ate whites and reds. The whites consist of cheese and yogurt. The reds consist of many meats. The Mongols also boiled meats for their diet and used goats milk and skin. The Mongols also have many horses and they let them free and when they…show more content…
Genghis Khan is also known as Temujin which means blacksmith. He was born in 1160 A.D. Genghis Khan was born holding a blood clot which meant he was going to become a great ruler. His father was a strong tribue ruler who was poisoned by a rival tribe. In A.D. 1206 Genghis Khan had a meeting in Gobi desert to become ruler. Once he was ruler he united all the warring clans and ranked them based on their fighting style/ability. The Mongols have many types of weapons in their arsenal.The horse is a weapon because the Mongols rely on them to fight in battle. They protect their horse by putting armor on them, it protects every part of their body. The Mongols were allowed about 4-6 horses with them. Although the halbert is like a rich person weapon which people who are very wealthy can use. It’s really good at hitting their enemies on the ground. The sabre is a very sharp blade that can cut through armour and helmets, and can be used on the horse or the feet. The Mongols used the spear’s for impaling the enemies on the horses when they ride past you and this is considered a poor man weapon. The most useful weapon for the Mongols are the composite bows which has three type of arrows. The arrow for distance could snipe the enemies from afar. They also had a whistling bow and those commanded the mongols to charge when they hear it. Finally, the bow for killing that is made out of iron. The…show more content…
The Mongols would use half of their forces to flank the enemy team and corner them until they have no way out. Genghis Khan set up a chain of commands based on sections, squadrons, and regiments. One of the commanders would order a Mongol to go spy on the enemies. If the Mongols need to take over a city they would spread terror to make the citizens flee to the main city where the Mongols will attack. For a battle if the Mongols would be in a spot they don’t want to battle in, they would flee and lure the enemies with them until they find a suitable place to fight in. When the Mongols are facing off against a castle they would siege the castle and cut off their supplies. To make the enemy surrender they would have to have each soldier light up 5 fires and make dust clouds to make the enemies think the Mongols had more people than there actually was. For instance if there was 100 soldiers and they all light up 5 fires, the enemy might think there are 500 Mongol soldiers. Genghis Khan had a big Impact around the world because he allowed freedom of religion, thus encouraging the spread of new religion across Asia. He set up the foundation for an effective mail delivery service. Genghis Khan also allowed economic growth by protecting the silk road, and getting rid of crime. In addition He conquered twice as much land as any other person in history. Genghis Khan has over 16 million men in modern history as his

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