Was Genghis Khan Ever Justified?

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We believe that Genghis Khan and his descendants are innocent of the indictment charges. The charge states that “Genghis Khan and his descendants were uncivilized conquerors and rulers in the 13th and 14th centuries and are being tried for crimes against humanity.” Although the Mongol Empire’s ruthless, barbaric actions cannot be justified, it is evident that the empire has helped the world become more internationalized and united. We must think about what would’ve happened without the Mongol Empire. Even if the Mongolian invaders didn’t exist, other tribes or powerful empires would have risen up to do just the same, but without the willingness to allow developments in their empire. Their pillage may have brought even further destruction than…show more content…
They ensured safety and reliability of trading routes, which allowed advances in internationalized trade, enhancement of diplomatic relations, and increase of religious permeation, With the improved trading routes, travelers, merchants, emissaries, and missionaries from all over the world were able to travel safely to the Mongol empire. They also accepted different religions and cultures, which helped lower the chances of conflicts or rebellions from happening in the empire. Additionally, he selected positions in the empire based on skill, instead of their wealth or class. History has been passed on through different people with varying perspectives, and Genghis Khan is one of the famous individuals that has been documented down with different biases. Mustasim, the caliph of Baghdad, may describe Genghis Khan as an abhorrent being with no morals, whereas Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, the Persian philosopher, scientist, and mathematician might’ve expressed him as a magnificent figure in history. Indeed, Genghis Khan and his descendants have ruthlessly killed immense numbers. Nonetheless, they brought remarkable advancements into the world, and created the largest, and perhaps, the greatest empire in

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