Women In The Mongol Empires

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Life of Mongol Women: Women in the Mongol Empires were physically strong with the mindset of always being ready to fight in the battle and their ability to handle horses and shoot arrows just like men. (John of Plano Carpini. “The Journey of Friar John of Pian De Carpine.” The Journey of William of Rubruck to the Eastern Parts of the World, translated by William Woodville Rockhill, London: Hakluyt Society, 1900, pp. 1–32. ) The ideal quality of true Mongol women was described as Khutulun who had independence about her marriage and influences of protecting the Mongol from Chinese cultures. (the secret history of mongol queens by jack weatherford) Different gender roles and barriers, however, still existed in the Mongol Empires, such as women’s…show more content…
The description of women by Marco Polo include the scene of women’s rights to trade, independence in marriage, and freedom to perform jobs stereotypically for man in other regions. (Marco Polo: “Chapter 47: Of the wandering life of the Tartars--of their domestic manners, their food, and the virtue and useful qualities of their women.) Yassa, the code of law written by Genghis Khan, guaranteed safety and respect for women by forbidding the abduction or abuse of women and requiring the payment of a high bride price before the marriage. Mongolian marriage system is seen as the opposite of Europe because the abduction of women or men from the higher class often occurred at the time period of Medieval Ages. (Yassa by Genghis Khan) Women in China were convinced to be inside home, passive, and subjugated to men. However, Mongol women were able to move far away from their gers and battle with men due to their nomadic life and the refusal of Confucian beliefs, including foot binding cultures. Mongol women had far more public freedoms than many other countries. (Ebrey, Patricia Buckley. “The Family in the Classical Tradition.” Family and Property in Sung China: Yuan Ts'ai's Precepts for Social Life, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1984, pp. 30–60. JSTOR,…show more content…
Female rulers at the time of Mongol as the World Empire was considered common and were observed as very powerful, influential figures who could decide the fate of the Mongol Empires. (A Women’s Rights by Rossabi, Morris) (Nicola, Bruno De. Women in Mongol Iran The Kahtuns 1206-1335. Edinburgh University Press, 2017.) Toregene Khatun was an influential female regent who revealed the power of women in political positions. After the death of the first wife of Toregene’s husband Ogedei Khan, Toregene deployed diplomatic and political skills to crush the resistance and to make herself as the new Khatun of the Mongol Empires. Many chroniclers described her as a shrewd and capable women who greatly strengthened the power of women and Khatuns. (Nicola, Bruno De. Women in Mongol Iran The Kahtuns 1206-1335. Edinburgh University Press,

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