How Does Power And Trade Shape An Empire

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POWER & TRADE OF EMPIRES How does power and trade shape an Empire? ( Formation, Rise & more) Every Great Empire begins with a country’s love for imperialism; Imperialism is when a country extends its power and trade, influencing colonization by use of military force (Power); An Empire is when a country under a single supreme authority with absolute power, when it comes to an empire’s imperialism power is the ability to control over people and their country. When it comes to trade, it is very important because the empire needs resources it can’t acquire by itself. ( The Geographical location of an Empire was very important, this was because it affected the trading in the region, meaning other countries in need of trade had to go through that Empire’s region as a result trading for them became difficult because they would have their resources taken from that Empire. But this sometimes would not make trading difficult because it would open an opportunity a country to trade with an Empire in need of resources. In order for an Empire to be successful it needs power and the ability to be able to trade information and resources. The British Empire The British Empire where the sun never sets was one of the largest and greatest Empire that was ever created. It begun in the 1500s when Queen…show more content…
World War 2 hit the British Empire had because Germany had taken over basically all of Europe except Britain; Britain was being hit from all sides. After Germany was defeated the British Empire was at it weaken point because they lost more resources and men than World War 1, Britain begun to lose control of the colonized countries, the British Empire completely fell in

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