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The Conquests of Genghis Khan Mongolian Army leader, Genghis Khan, killed around forty million people by the end of his campaign (Andrews). He is described by many historians as a ruthless and savage killer, however, he was also a cunning General, leader, and diplomat. The Khan was an incredibly innovative individual during the time of his reign that stormed Central Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Europe until his death at the age of sixty-five (Smitha). Genghis Khan and the Mongolian army had one of the grandest military conquests in history due to their warfare tactics, warrior training, and the ground they covered. One of the key components of Genghis Khan’s many victories was his groundbreaking warfare tactics. Khan was an avid user…show more content…
One of the most integral components of Mongolian military force is their fierce Calvary. Mongols were practically raised on horseback; they were riding as soon as they could walk. The Mongolian horse was well known for its incredible stamina and speed; they could cover six hundred miles in nine days (100-101). The horses made one of the first international postal systems, the “Yam”, possible (Andrews). Genghis Khan would use scouts to scope out the battlefield and remain ahead of them to eliminate the chance of surprise attacks by either eliminating the enemy or signaling the main force before the enemy could take an advantage…show more content…
The Khan basically took over a large chunk of Northern China just so he could pay some of his troops. First the Mongols defeated the Tangut, they conquered Northern China just a century ago, despite being half as big as the Tangut army. The Mongols and the Tangut then teamed up to defeat the Jurchen, another piece of Northern China, because their emperor refused to allow Genghis Khan access to goods on the silk roads unless he submitted to him. The Mongols and Tangut eventually took over Beijing and the Emperor paid the Khan a tribute to stop him from attacking the rest of China (Smitha). Genghis Khan took over Persia and Afghanistan completely without ever having to do battle at all. The Sultan of the Khwarezmian Empire in Persia had the Chief of the Mongolian merchant envoys killed and the others were sent back to the Khan. Genghis Khan decided to strike back, however, he wanted to do so without actually sacrificing the lives of his warriors. Every town that he seized simply surrendered or fled the city in hopes of keeping their lives, even the Sultan gave up and fled before Genghis Khan’s wrath could take him

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