The Mission Movie Essay

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I think The Mission is a very interesting movie, this film tells the story of a Father named Gabriel who enters the South American jungle to build a mission and convert a community of Indians to Christianity. In the beginning of the film the father Gabriel is sent to scale the hazardous falls where the Indians live and try to reach out to the tribe. When Gabriel came to where the Indians live, the Indians warriors prepare to kill him, but after Gabriel plays his oboe, they allow him to live and he gradually wins their trust. During a raid above the falls, Rodrigo encounters Gabriel and learns that the Jesuits are building a mission there. Rodrigo finds his fiancee and his younger half-brother Felipe in bed together. He kills Felipe in a duel.…show more content…
Seven Jesuit missions were affected; Guarani people in these seven communities resisted in various ways their transfer to Brazil, leading to the sporadic fighting and negotiations of the so-called Guarani War from 1753- 1756” (Nenguirus 310), Gabriel by nonviolent means and Rodrigo by means of his military training. The mission, which was once under Spanish protection, has been handed over to the Portuguese while the Vatican has ordered the Jesuits to withdraw from the territory above the falls. The Father Gabriel's mission he tries to explain the reasons behind closing the mission and instructs the Indians that they must leave. The Indians question his authority, and Father Gabriel and Rodrigo, under threat of excommunication, state their intention to defend the mission should the plantation owners and colonists attack. They are, however, divided on how to do this, and they debate how to respond to the impending military attack. Father Gabriel believes that violence is a direct crime
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