Darkness In Heart Of Darkness

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We are told on p.87 that “It echoed loudly within him [Kurtz] because he was hollow at the core.” What does the narrator mean here? How might it relate to Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” and Kurtz’s reading of the T. S. Eliot poem “The Hollow Men”. Let me begin this short essay by relating the term “hollow” to Conrad’s whole novel. “Heart of Darkness” is basically a story about men with no humanity (or even specific personalities), who go to Africa and blindly search for ivory all their lives. There is a very obvious and important conflict between modernization and savagery in the story. I strongly believe that Marlow represents the European mindless modernity while Kurtz represents the total opposite which is the African mindless savagery. It has been stated in the story that Kurtz was a remarkable European man sent to Africa to extract and trade ivory. On his stay there, the African traditions and mindset converted him into a savage cannibal himself. After all the horrible acts he commits (since he becomes similar to a God to the Africans), his last words were “the horror,…show more content…
Elliot’s “The Hollow Men” where the poem revolves around men referred to as “hollow” who are stuck between Heaven and Hell. Each part of the poem describes the thoughts of one of the men and how he is ashamed to look at people who have made it to either side. The last section of the poem talks about the end of the world which does not end with a huge explosion but with a small whimper. T.S. Elliot used Conrad’s Kurtz in the poem to describe these hollow men who have no pure souls and who are stuck in the darkness. This poem also helps show how T.S. Elliot interpreted Kurtz as an empty character, no bad no good, but rather pure animalistic confusion. “Those who have crossed with direct eyes, to death’s Kingdom remember us-if at all- not as lost violent souls, but only as the hallow men the stuffed men” (T.S.Elliot,

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