Examples Of Religion In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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''People here sense the presence of phenomena or other beings, even if they are not there,'' he said. ''These must be influences of ancient religions, of Indians and blacks. This world's full of spirits you find all over, in Santo Domingo, in Puerto Rico, in Cuba, in Brazil and in Vera Cruz.'' Here, Marquez states how the world is a spiritual place filled with influences of ancient religions. In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s A Chronicle of a Death Foretold he utilizes the motifs religion and superstition to show how they affect things around us such as honor, humanity and morals. Gabriel García Marquez was born in Aracataca, Colombia in 1928. Until Marquez was eight, he lived with his maternal grandparents in Aracataca. His grandmother, Tranquilina…show more content…
She gave Marquez a deep reservoir of folkloric knowledge about omens, premonitions, dead ancestors and ghosts. The sincere manner in which she told her stories would have a profound effect on the mature writings of Gabriel García Marquez. Marquez is Roman Catholic. Many religious allusions can be seen in the novella some examples include: ''Santiago Nasar has a white linen suit on when he is murdered’’ (Marquez 13) White is color that is known to represent purity or innocence. Jesus also wore white linen when he was captured and taken away. “The knife went through the palm of his right hand and then sank into his side up to his hilt” (Marquez 117) This line in the book resembles the crucifixion of Jesus Christ . This “Jesus-like” cause of death is later supported during the autopsy of Santiago Nasar. While Father Amador is performing the carelessly performed autopsy, he begins discussing Santiago’s wounds, and goes as far as to compare Santiago’s wounds to the wounds of Jesus Christ. Father Amador reports, “He had a deep stab in the right hand, it looked like a stigma of the crucified

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