Comparing Heroism In Sir Gawain And Captain America

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In our society, we often view heroes as people with super powers who are there to save the world from evil. In actuality, heroes have different virtues. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Gawain was viewed as nothing, but he was shaped into a true, noble knight by taking the place of his uncle. Even though people saw him as a weak person, Captain America, proved that he was worthy to be a hero. Sir Gawain and Captain America relate to one another are both significant. Ancient heroes and modern heroes both serve the greater good and provide entertainment. Though Sir Gawain and Captain America display heroism; they show us what it takes to become a hero. Heroism true bravery and integrity; heroes put themselves before others. In history,…show more content…
Sir Gawain wanted to prove something to others he says, “I am the weakest, the most wanting in wisdom, I know, / And my life, if lost, would be least missed, truly. / Only through you being my uncle, am I to be valued” (154-156). Sir Gawain shows that he is the weakest, and if he would’ve died, he would not be missed. It is only through his uncle, King Arthur, that he is known and valued by others. Sir Gawain shows true honor by accepting the challenge for his uncle. Sir Gawain took the axe and beheads the Green Knight and also shows bravery by attempting…show more content…
They were both destined to accomplish a great task. Sir Gawain’s virtue was tested by the Green Knight. The lord was the Green Knight the whole time, and the lord had asked his wife to cheat on him to see how Sir Gawain would react to it. Sir Gawain had passed the test and did not do anything with the lord’s wife. Captain America’s virtue was tested by the way he acted. Captain America wasn’t the strongest man among the group at first. The doctor wanted to test Captain America but the sergeant didn’t want it. The sergeant had thrown a dummy grenade and Captain America had jumped on top of the grenade, while the other men ran away from it. That moment is when the doctor realized that he was the one. Captain America was willing to sacrifice himself, for no one else from getting hurt. As he had progressed he stayed the same man the doctor wanted him to be and didn’t

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