The Mission Movie Essay

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The important part of making a movie is having scenes that will leave a lasting impression on an audience. In the movie The Mission, director Roland Joffe creates a historic world undiscovered by the movie industry and uses this opportunity to showcase new perspective of the Latin American conquest. This emotional and breathtaking film reveals the different groups involved in the Latin American Conquests and how their ideas collide and cause problems.Though the movie had many significant scenes, ultimately, Rodrigo and the net of armour, the little boy singing in the square and the massacring of the natives are the most significant in portraying the movie’s theme of love conquering all. The first time the audience sees Rodrigo Mendoza (Robert…show more content…
In this powerful scene, the audience sees a little Guarani with a soft melodious voice singing in front of Cardinal (Ray McAnally), Don Cabeza (Chuck Low), Father Gabriel (Jeremy Irons), Rodrigo (Robert De Niro) and the rest of the natives and Jesuits as well as the Portuguese. After the young boy’s beautiful song the Cardinal begins to think and wonder what a strange world they live in and whether succumbing these people to slavery was the right thing to do. As the meeting goes on the Cardinal begins to debate with the Portuguese and the Jesuits to come to an agreement whether slavery would be permitted in Spanish territory, only the Cardinal does not know it is already happening. Jesuits argue that without the Spanish Missionaries, natives have no defense against slave trade. In order to avoid the argument, the Cardinal decides that he will not make his decision until he has seen the missions. This scene is important because it shows the unease of the Cardinal to submit to Portugal's views as well as present the natives in an innocent and pure form. This further explains the theme because it shows how even though the Guarani people were discriminated against and enslaved, they still managed to see the bright side of their situation through
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