The Meaning Of Life: What Life Means To Me

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What Life Means to Me I read a comic. A little boy asked his sister: “If we die sooner or later, what is the meaning of life?” His elder sister replied: “You like to eat donuts. Donuts are out of a few mouthfuls, will you not eat them? Yes. Maybe you'll feel sad when you're almost finished eating, but knowing that you're about to finish eating will make you feel better." "Don't treat me as a child. Life is not as simple as you say. What is the meaning of life? "You really want to know?" "Yes!" "Okay. Life is meaningless. Do you think the universe really cares about you and me? No, we are just dust. But this does not mean that we should give up everything. Life is difficult, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Life is like this, donuts don't always exist, but we have the opportunity to taste its delicious. Our life has no meaning. One day, we will be forgotten. Under such a difficult reality, we can still live and enjoy the beauty of this world. Don't you think it's cool? ""Yes. "" Want to eat donuts? "" I want to taste chocolaty donuts.” It’s a lovely story. And the elder sister gives an answer to this question—Life is meaningless. When I first saw this problem, I thought so too. What meaning can life have? Nothing at all! But…show more content…
When we were young, we didn't have the ability to protect ourselves. Our mother looked at us every day, fearing that we might fall and hurt our heads, lest we should be taken away. Grow up, not afraid to fall, because we will climb up ourselves, pain will tell her. As an adult, I have some experience. I know that I need to drink more hot water when I am sick. I will prepare some common medicine and pay attention to safety. After work, there will be the company to organize a yearly general inspection, will be good health. To the youth, my parents are sick, I can drive car, take them to the hospital, buy food for them, care for their sick and weak body. We know more and more about how to make ourselves

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