My Name And How It Fit Me Research Paper

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My Name and How it Fits Me Cecilia became a popular name in England because of the story of the Roman Saint Cecilia. Saint Cecilia was killed because she refused to worship the Roman Gods, after she had been killed, she was named the Patron of music because she was said to always have been singing to God even in her time of death. The name Cecilia is said to mean blind in most languages. People with the name of Cecilia are said to be friendly and nice people. They run an emotional life and that they don’t worry about much. They are impulsive, but hold their family and law very true to them. So how does the name Cecilia Adele fit me as a person? My mom decided to name me Cecilia because she wanted to have my grandma’s name, Adele, as my middle name. Adele is an old fashioned name, or is seen as one; it’s not very popular but it has a…show more content…
Not my is known about the name Leskun, what it means or where it comes from, but I have found that my middle name has a lot to say about me too. Adele is a European name and it means to be kind, noble and tender. I got this middle name because of my grandma and not because of the meaning but I still feels it fits me. The name Cecilia also has the meaning of kind so the fact that kind is in both of my names shows that that is part of who I am. I feel like tender goes along with being kind, you can’t be a rough person and kind at the same time. I feel tender because I am good at working with other people, I take care of them. In other views I am not tender in strength, I feel I am tough, knowing that I can beat my twenty two year old brother in a play fight. The thing that I am lenient on is that I am confused on being noble. I am not apart of any royal family and with how I put people first I don’t know if this is a noble thing or a weak thing. Out of all the meanings of the name Adele I feel it fits me, even with the confusion of
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