What Does It All Mean? By Thomas Nagel

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having control of my life and doing things I get personal satisfaction from makes my life meaningful. Where is my mind? I don’t like the first sentence Thomas Nagel uses to open up chapter two. “ …Your own mind is the only thing you can be sure of.” What Does It All Mean? by Thomas Nagel. I’m not sure that my mind was all there when I was nineteen. Nagel argues that your experiences and senses make up what you believe. Therefor, creating a setting in which your reality happens, but that reality is just all in your mind. And like in his example this is what creates the floor under your feet. I do not agree with this what so ever. When I was nineteen I could say I honestly did not take into consideration that I had a brain or a mind. The cops in Downtown Miami were chasing me. I had a can of beer, I was claiming the train post and publically drinking. As they chased me, I had at the time what seemed like a good idea to jump in between the bums sleeping in the sidewalk and try to blend in. The reality of it was that I had never experienced anything like this…show more content…
He is a psychology Professor at Stanford University. He mentioned that through observation and imitation children of violent parents would become violent themselves. Now this argument is fascinating, because you can either decide to have free will or stick to what Bandura said and be an example of determinism. If your parents were violent, will you decide to finally break the cycle and use your free will and you freedom of choice to change the way you act as a parent and start a new generation that is positive and willing to be better? Or because of the violence that occurred in your family will you decide to continue the same cycle, because according to science you are likely to become a violent parent your self? See although environmental determinism plays a huge role in this example, as a human you have the choice to change your

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