Definition Essay: Defining Wellness

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Heading: Defining your Wellness Factor Sub-heading: Your Rx for Wx. The funny thing about “wellness” is that it seems to have a different meaning to different people. Have you considered your definition of “‘wellness?” I did an informal study on this over the summer—it certainly won’t show up in any journals, however, the results were quite impressive. I asked 25 random people—some I knew, and some I didn’t—what they understood wellness to be, for them. A staggering 25 out of 25 individuals gave me the same answer; “What do you mean by …Wellness?” This response, as a coach, consultant, and writer in WELLNESS magazine, stumped me. I realized, as each person’s eyes glazed over and they rushed to get away from me as fast as possible,…show more content…
Am I physically fit based on my age, BMI, level of activity, and so on?  Mental - Am I reading, engaged in challenging conversations, testing my mind in ways that stretches me outside of what I currently know, or believe? Am I mentally fit?  Vocational - Am I working in an environment that supports me and my family in a way that allows me to do work I enjoy, earn a great living, and live a comfortable life without stress? Am I vocationally fit?  Financial - Do I take care of my money, so I can pay my bills, contribute to my community, plan for my future, and have some left over to enjoy life on my terms? Am I financially fit?  Social/Family - Am I grounded in my friends and family in a way that is true for me? Do I take care of myself, in order to look after the people I care about? Do I connect with people who matter to me, and share my time in ways that nurture relationships? Am I socially fit?  Spiritual - Does my inner self, along with my outer self, align with my core values and beliefs? Am I in integrity with who I say I am, in all of the five areas above? Am I spiritually

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