Essay On Life Has No Meaning

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Life has no meaning. That is the trap that many people fall into. So many people who lose their faith, or never had much to begin with, end up thinking this way, and to some extent I agree. However, I follow a code of optimistic nihilism rather than the ordinary brand of meaninglessness. Rather than believe that there is no meaning in the world, I’d like to believe that we create our meaning. Ice cream is just a simple combination off ingredients, but I take pleasure in eating it and watching a movie on a Sunday night. My friends and family are just combinations of atoms, molecules, proteins, cells, tissues, and organs, but they are still my friends and family. I still love them and enjoy spending time with them. There is no meaning of life, but life itself is meaning. When I was little (about 7 or so) my family and I stopped going to church on a regular basis. I suppose it was because my parents wanted to rest, or they didn’t like the community. Whatever the reason, we stopped going. Several years later, I began to think about the existence of God and the meaning behind religion. After a long time, I settled on the belief that religion exists to explain the unexplainable and to provide comfort to people in pain. This explains…show more content…
We can take something as simple as stone and create complex and beautiful sculptures. Why don’t we do the same with the universe and everything else. We can mold life, shape relationships, and create something beautiful as well as let others experience it. Just because other people are just objects, however animate, doesn’t mean that they aren’t living breathing individuals that experience the same feelings of joy and pain as we do. We should devote our lives to experiencing the best that the world has to offer, as well as allowing those less fortunate than ourselves experience it too. We’ve got a truly large sandbox to play in. We just have to remember not to throw sand in the other kids’
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