The Iranian Revolution In Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

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In the book ,Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, it is about a child growing up during the Iranian Revolution and also shows how ineffective and destructive the Revolution actually was. During this time the Shah was in control of Iran, using a monarchy to make all the decisions for the country instead of the people having an opinion. The people were not happy with the Shah, so they revolted, but that backfired causing death,incarceration, and torture. The Revolution was unsuccessful because no matter how much they protested,death would still be an active part of the Revolution. During this time of the Revolution the Shah thought it would be a good idea to fight back with guns and other weapons but, killing their people was ineffective and made them want to fight back more. On the day Marj and Mehri went to protest, it was the worst day…show more content…
Mohsen and Siamak went and told Marjane's family of the terrible things that happened to them and Ahmadi. “Ahmadi… Ahmadi was assassinated. As a member of the Guerillas, he suffered Hell. He always had cyanide on him in case he was arrested, But he was taken by surprise and unfortunately he never had a chance to use it… So he suffered the worst torture…”(page 51 frame 4). This information shows that the Shah would go to any extent just to keep people from protesting but in the end, it would lead up to his untimely overthrow. After Mohsen and Simak were done with their conversation on how they were tortured, Marj tries to contemplate how they could do such horrible things to a person.”I never imagined that you could use that appliance for torture.”,(page 51 frame 5). Up until then Marjane most likely thought that they just kept the prisoners locked up all day, but then she realized the truth about how they tortured the protestors for wanting a different

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