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In the book, Persepolis, written by Marjane Satrapi, Marjane talks about her actual life stories, of events that happened to her family during the Iranian Revolution. At a young age, Marjane became aware of the different social classes and their struggles. Marjane’s class awareness informs her ideologies, values, and actions as a child. Growing up, Marjane realized that she was a part of the upper class but she never actually says that she is aware of this; one can assume she is aware of social classes through her actions. Due to the fact that Marjane was apart of the upper class, her own life was not as affected as the lives of the lower class people. It can be assumed that Marjane is aware of the different social classes by her willingness…show more content…
Although no one was safe, during the Iranian Revolution, if you were a lower class person, you automatically had a more dangerous life because often times you were recruited for war. “They gave this to my son at school. They told the boys that if they went to war and were lucky enough to die, this key would get them into Heaven,” (Satrapi 99). In this quote, the Satrapi’s maid has just told them about how people were giving out keys to the boys at school and were promising them that if they died in war, they would have a better life in Heaven compared to the life that they had in the real world. Due to the fact that this boy was the son of a maid, it can be assumed that he was a member of the lower class, which made him a target for war recruiters. Young boys that were recruited for war, were promised that if they died in war they would have a better life due to the fact that since they were poor, they already did not have many opportunities. Marjane would have never had to face people trying to recruit her into the war because of her class status. If Marjane would have been a part of the lower class, during this time period, she would have seen first hand how bad things were and she would also have realized that she could not be as outspoken as she was; If she was a lower class citizen, she would have had many terrible consequences due to her outgoing personality. Since…show more content…
Throughout the entire book, Marjane saw her parents going to demonstrations and sticking up for what they believed in, pertaining to the Revolution. Although they still were not safe doing so, they had more leeway due to their social status; the higher the class you were in, the more leeway you had in certain situations. Marjane watched her parents do these things and thought that she was safe to do these things as well because she greatly looked up to her parents. As soon as the war became more dangerous, Marjane’s parents started slowly pulling out of these situations, where they were sticking up for their beliefs, because they knew that it was too dangerous, but Marjane did not do this because she was too young to understand that these actions were going to get her into trouble. Since Marjane was not aware that lower class people did not have all of the opportunities to speak their minds, like her family did, she just assumed that every person could be outspoken. If Marjane would have been raised in a lower class family, she would not have been the bold person that she turned into. Whenever Marjane speaks her mind, she does not think about the consequences that may come about due to the fact that she is aware that she can get out of most situations, because of her socioeconimic

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