Who Is Madeleine L Engle's Books Be Banned?

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about how, “God is responsible for his creation”, and she also says she, “was writing about a universe created by God of love” (12). Along with the theme of good vs evil is incorporated in to A Wrinkle in Time (Constantakis 302). Which is also shown in other books that Madeleine L’Engle writes (Hettinga Presenting L’Engle 14).Madeleine L’Engle has many influences for writing her books. The biggest influence in L’Engle’s writing is her faith (15). She sees her books as a way of being evangelical (16). The majority of L’Engle’s books will always have a religious theme (Parker 248). Banned books are books that are judged because they are threats to society. The four categories books are banned on are mainly,” religion, political, social, and sexual” (Dell 11). Books get banned because writers express themselves in ways that make people furious (9). One of the most terrifying things to think about…show more content…
A Wrinkle in Time is challenged because, “It is most often accused of having ‘offensive language’ and ‘religiously objectionable’ content” (Dell 29). In addition it was not only the book that was accused. L’Engle was also faced with accusations of her beliefs (Hettinga Presenting L’Engle 16). One of the saddest things to this researcher is that Christians were the ones criticizing her more than the Non-Christians (16). During the start of L’Engle’s career she would receive many rejections because of the things her books had. For this reason she would yell at God because she was tired of receiving so many rejection slips (21). People’s thoughts on Madeleine L’Engle can be positive or negative. Sally Thomas a critic read her book and loved it (Thomas par 1). Another critic named Ruth H. Viguers says that A Wrinkle in Time, “is a book that is supposed to be thought about deeply, and not just to read and be entertained”. She also says that her books is like a parable (Bryfonski

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