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The Complete Persepolis is a coming of age autobiography, by Iranian born French author Marjane Satrapi. The novel is a mirror of Satrapi’s childhood during the Islamic revolution, which counters between private and public life. Marjane spent her adolescent years in Austria, a western country free from religious rule. Prior to being sent to Austria, her childhood in Iran made it difficult to express herself as any type of western culture was demonized. However this transformation caused Satrapi to struggle with her identity, she constantly felt as though she was never able to fit in. Regardless of her location, she could never escape being a western in Iran or an Iranian in the west. Throughout the memoir Marjane contrasts key differences between the traditional culture in which she was raised and the western culture into which she tries to assimilate after moving to Austria, and how this turns her life into a constant balancing act of morality, religion, and politics. The second half of Persepolis: The Story of a Return…show more content…
The surplus and overstock acts as a symbol of safety and security compared to her life back in Iran. Marjane was raised in a culture where it could be impossible at times to find the basic necessities at the store, because people would stock up and hoard food due to possible threats of war. The first thing she overindulged in at the store was scented detergent, a luxury that seemed minimal for the west, was no longer available in Iran. With the constant fear of war no longer an issue for Marjane. This unnatural idea of overindulgence carried over into Marjane’s use of drugs. She no longer had a conscience to decide right from wrong and uphold her morals, and for that she lost her identity. Marjane was assimilating into a culture that was foreign, although it brought her a sense of

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