Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter: Chillingworth Is A Villain

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The Scarlet Letter is about a woman who basically had sex with another man because everyone thought her husband was dead and no one had seen him for three years. Roger Chillingworth is the, not so dead anymore, husband to Hester Prynne. The recurring theme in this novel is Sin. Chillingworth's sin was tormenting Dimmesdale almost to the point of death. Chillingworth is a villain through and through. That's what makes him one of my many favorite villains. Darth Vader is a villain. Voldemort is a villain. Roger Chillingworth is a villain. How in the seven levels of purgatory do these three villains compare? Let me explain. By definition a villain is a person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime, or in a novel constitutes…show more content…
Hello, have you not seen any of the Star Wars movies or the Harry Potter movies? Anakin seems like he has a bit of a personality disorder in the beginning when he is younger, but he ends up with a multiple personality issue and is angry, very ANGRY. So much so, that he even blows up the planet of his daughter. Voldemort also seems to have a bit of a personality disorder too. He also ends up with a multiple personality because Tom Riddle is who he started out as. As far as his anger, Tom was so angry with his father, that he murdered his father and grandparents because he was abandoned because his mother was a “witch” and not the “B” kind either, a magical one. Chillingworth might not have a personality disorder, but he definitely has mental issues too. He tortures Dimmesdale for seven years because he had sex with his wife. Seriously, you are going to torture a guy - a preacher - for having sex with your wife, after your boat sank and no one has seen or heard from you in three years? Really?! Why in the world did women have to wait for 12 years to remarry or have a relationship after their husband died? Come on, talk about a messed up system. Did the men have to wait that long? All I was able to find out about this is that divorce could obtained if it was found that the contract had been broken or if one failed to provide. Pretending you are dead for 3 years, should have fell under that “failed to provide”…show more content…
Envious and proud are pretty much repeats here because obviously, they didn’t learn they screwed up the first time. Envious is covetous, which was covered earlier, but take to a much more perverse level. Pride is the feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievements. Hello, Vader was so proud of his Death Star and all that it was capable of. Seriously, a big ball that you fly around in and blow stuff up. Can we say that someone has some serious issues with his sexuality? Kind of like some of the boys here with their big trucks and big tires. Voldemort was also proud of his power and all he was able to do and control with his power. He was proud of his strong followers. In my opinion, he coveted power to the point that he was envious of anyone or anything that he felt might challenge his position or his power. Why was he willing to kill a little baby? He didn’t want Harry to challenge him or his power later in life. Chillingworth was proud of his torture of Dimmesdale. He was envious of the relationship that Dimmesdale had with his wife, Hester. Was this because Chillingworth was too old to keep his wife happy? Is that why he wanted to torture him so badly, or was it because he was jealous that Dimmesdale had a child with her? Or was it that he was so wrathful of their love? Guess it’s a good thing that the Puritans weren’t Catholics, otherwise Chillingworth might have been

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