The Intelligence Community: Article Analysis

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The Intelligence Community is a community of people that behind closed doors, are aiming to solve worldwide issues that a lot of individuals don’t necessarily have the knowledge of in order to keep society safe and secure. They reach this goal by collecting and conveying essential information that the President and members of policymaking require them to collect. (Cite) An example of this would be the crisis of the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th that took the US by storm. Even though each nation has the same goal when it comes to Intelligence, they each have their own way of defining it, therefore each having different consequences. In the article “Divergent National Concepts and Institutions” by Phillip Davies, he discusses Intelligence, specifically between the US and Britain.…show more content…
Another word, it has a series of processes that is followed before the final step; which is the delicate information being reported to the correct policymaker. The information goes through the process of collection, evaluation, analysis, integration, and interpretation of all available information which concerns one or more aspects of foreign nations or areas which is significant for planning. (Cite) Britain’s definition of Intelligence on the other hand, is like a gift with one layer of gift wrap. Instead of going through a delicate process, information is literally passed down to policymakers for that nation first. In Britain, the “policymakers” or what is known as the advisors to ministers of the crown, are completely responsible for the actions of the departments to that parliament, whereas In the US there is a variety of different people collaborating. Because each nation has such a contrast in Intelligence, there is a variety of

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