Minimum Wage Argumentative Essay

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As a working mother who raised three children here in Maryland’s 8th District, I know first-hand the rewards and challenges of raising a family while balancing a career. 40 years after my generation of women entered the workplace in record numbers, women still compete on an uneven playing field. I believe the federal government has an important role to play to guarantee equal rights and fair treatment. A Fair Minimum wage The majority of minimum wage workers in America are women,1 who are often struggling to raise families under those wages. Montgomery County has led the way in Maryland by increasing the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour by 2017. Now it’s time raise the national minimum wage for workers across the country. Any parent working a full-time job should be able to support their family, yet the current $7.25 federal minimum wage falls woefully short of providing economic security. In fact, that figure stands 24% lower than the minimum wage in 1968 when adjusted for inflation.2 We need to provide a living wage for all our workers with an appropriate escalator to raise millions of hard-working Americans into the middle class and give business the ability to budget for those increases. Paid Family Leave Parents, and women in particular, still struggle to earn a paycheck and take care of their…show more content…
This is not only a matter of fairness – it’s good public policy that will strengthen families and boost our economy. Children need the attention and nurturing that only parents can provide in the first months of their lives,6 and companies and small businesses are strengthened when good workers don’t have to be replaced because they drop out of the

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