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Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counseling Characteristic and behavior of Effective Counseling involves steps to improve mental and emotional growth. Professional Counseling requires special characteristics and behavior are learned by Effective Counseling. There are special behavior that a professional Counseling have to avoid during counseling sessions. Effective Characteristic According to Koffler (2013), Counselor will have to use their personalities and learned theories to provide effective counseling environment, the counselor must be vibrant, inspirational, charismatic, sincere, loving, and nurturing, and wise, confident and self-disciplined (Cooper J.B., 2013, p. 164-165). Characteristic One In the transcript (Effective Counseling, 2010) the counselor “Steve” used open-ended…show more content…
(2013), p. 178, people have the ability to experience empathy as a trait that is, to place ourselves in the shoes of another and take on that person’s worldview or perspective. The Client “Bill” want to know that someone understands his exact feeling (Effective Counseling, 2010). Counseling “Steve really didn’t show too much empathy to the client “Bill,” as he pours his heart out to “Steve,” in return lost his focus. Ineffective Characteristic When a client chose to seek Professional Counseling for any reason, it’s the counseling responsibility not to lose focus on the client needs, listening skill is one of the most important skills as a Professional Counselor have to learn. When a client makes the decision to seek Counseling and disclose personal information to you. The client is relayed to you to give them your full attention as the counselor. If not it makes the client loose interest with their problem. As a Professional Counselor lack of listening skills are the main two characteristic of ineffectively used by counseling. Characteristic

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