The Influence Of Technology In Modern Day America

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Technology in modern day America has been heavily influenced by technology in ancient China. Ancient Chinese were pioneers in using many advanced technologies. For example, one of the most impacted technology is the invention of paper. Paper was created by Cai Lun who was a one who writes notes in the Chinese imperial court.Cai Lun wanted a easy way of writing and carrying his notes so it ended up with paper. Paper money was another invention. However, it is not such a great invention. Now, It is has become an important thing in day today life. Gunpowder, an invention that impacted in many ways such as fireworks, as explosives etc… It was created by alchemists. Compass, it is not standout invention but it played very important role in navigation and its one of the safest…show more content…
The invention of papermaking is one of China's significant contributions to the spread and the development of human civilization. Out of all of the inventions, paper must have had the most significant impact on the world's development. The paper was created during 206 BC – 220 AD during the Han Dynasty. The first type of paper was made by plant fiber. Cai Lun, who created the paper, had done many experiments and finally he succeeded with the technique of soaking, pressing and drying. The technique of paper making did not spread to the rest of the world very quickly because the ancient western civilizations were already content with their discovery of papyrus strips as a useful material for writing. Papyrus sheets made from glued strips of the material was an inexpensive alternative for paper, so there was no great demand for semi-industrially produced fiber paper. Soon the paper developed an interest in the middle east in the eighth century and by the turn of millennia, the material attracted more western nation as well. Now, the paper is used for many things such as education, business, government
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