How Did Frank Lloyd Wright Influence Modernism In America?

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I will be discussing Frank Lloyd Wrights work in depth and how he influenced modernism in America. I picked Wright because I think his vision and passion for design and architecture is reflected in his work. I will be talking about his ‘organic architecture’ and how nature and technology played a part in his work, I’ll talk about this philosophy and how I think he expressed this through his public and private buildings.. I will look into how Wright invited the environment into his designs and houses. I want to focus on who influenced his work and what art movements such as the Arts and Crafts that played a part in his designs. I will be discussing Frank Lloyd Wrights work and questioning how he influenced the development of modernism in America,…show more content…
Wright introduced the word ‘organic’ into his architecture as early as 1908. Louis Sullivan who was Wright’s mentor had a saying ‘form follows function’ this was modern architecture’s slogan, Wright changed the saying too ‘form and function are one’ he used nature and the environment to back this statement up. Creating most of his designs taking the environment into consideration, looking how he could interoperate the nature and surroundings into his designs. I feel as though the word ‘organic’ is misinterpreted when talking about Wright’s organic architecture, of course people can use the word in different ways and it can mean a lot of different things but I feel as though Wright is trying to create a new meaning from the word when he bought it into his architecture. I think he wanted the materials he was using to be linked with the natural form of the surroundings and his design and the function of his building to look like they belonged in the environment that they were in. Wright believed that organic architecture, whether it is a private home or a public building, the design and structure had to have a relationship with the site and its time. Wright didn’t see his philosophy of ‘organic architecture’ as a style but as a product to design. His philosophy of organic architecture was not only about the environment and nature but also the human scale to its landscape. His…show more content…
Nowadays most of our modern construction proves why Frank Lloyd Wright was the most influential architect within modernism not just in America but around the world. When Wright began his career he was well known for his Prairie style which included a very flat build, low roofs and open floor plans which become his signature within architecture, a sense of freedom and space. Nowadays Wright is known for his Organic Architecture which he got his influence from Japanese architecture and natural recourses. Looking at all three images (fig 2, 4 and 5). Even though they were designed and built 6 years apart, there a lot of similarities and things that even though Wright might have developed different styles and different influences on the way, there is still key factors that remained in his architectural skills from the beginning. I believe in his 70 years of designing he began with a vision that every one of his designs have a piece of, some more than others. Of course he has had different influences and styles directing him to the final concept but overall I believe he had a vision from the

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