Greek Influence On America Essay

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Many civilizations have had a significant effect on how the United States is run today. Greece was the most influential civilization to the United States. Many social concepts are credited to the ancient Greek society. Philosophers, writers, governments, and the military are all important to the foundation to a civilization. Greece has played an important role in guiding the American forefathers. Many ideas that originated from Greece civilization impact the way Americans live daily. Greece has had a bigger impact on present day America, than any other society. Greece’s government has had an everlasting impact on the way the United States government is conducted. Greece came up with the first form of Democracy, and it then influenced the way countries like America are run. Athens came up with the first democracy which is still used to this day. Ancient Athens would select 500 full-time representatives, and each year the representatives would change. The United States does something much similar to this.…show more content…
Ancient Greece comprised some advanced formations and tactics for the army. If they hadn’t come up with the tactics the impact on modern day military strategies wouldn’t have been as beneficial. Alexander the Great, invented and used the first military formations in a battle situations. This is the main reason Alexander the Great was so successful, and conquered many territories. Just like the United States uses today, Ancient Greece had ranks in their military. For example, Hoplite meant foot soldier and Lokhagos meant captain. Ancient Greece was one of the first civilizations of its time to use technology or mechanics in warfare. A man by the name of Dionysius, the Elder of Syracuse from Ancient Greece invented the first catapult. A large majority of the way the United States of America's military is run today has much to do with what Greece accomplished in their

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