Walt Disney Influence On American Culture

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Why is the human race so consumed by the fantasy world of Disney? It’s almost as if we’ve grown attached to it as well as it to us. It has followed us through our childhood into the present day. It is amazing that just one man’s idea of drawing on a sheet of paper could influence the world in this way. America is America largely because of the doings of Walt Disney. Walter Disney was essential in the development of American culture through the evolution of animation. These animations led to the fashion culture we have today and a fantasy world for children that led to the famous Disney World. First of all, the significance of Disney’s impact on modern day animation is almost immeasurable. The computerized animations by Pixar today are beautiful…show more content…
Christian Louboutin’s “Glass Slipper Collection” combined modern day fashion with the elegance of Cinderella. The marvelous shoe features Mary Blair’s original artwork for the film. The details from the movie go into the shoe: the blue in Cinderella’s dress and the rococo-inspired French scenery. “The Glass Slipper Cinderella Collection” focuses on the natural beauty and sophistication of Cinderella while relating women to their childhood idol as well as fashion that is present in their lives in modern day. In addition to this, Sephora has also teamed up with Disney to create an extensive line of beauty products that hit stores in October 2012. This beauty collection included nail polish, color cosmetics, and fragrances to match the concept of sophisticated beauty targeted for young adult girls to offer them a unique outlook on Disney’s original princess stories. Today’s fashion perspective has obviously been impacted by Disney’s animations…show more content…
Florida alone has two water parks, four theme parks, hotels, and entertainment complexes all related to Disney. These structures obviously made a huge difference in the economy of Florida. Tourism is a major part of the income of Florida, and these complexes definitely make it possible. They bring in an average of $18.2 billion a year and make one of every fifty jobs in the state of Florida, lessening the state’s unemployment rate. California’s Disney Land, Disney California Adventure Parks, three Disneyland resort hotels, and Downtown Disney earn an average total per year of $4.7 billion. California’s Disney inspired complexes employ 21,000 cast members and support an additional 57,000 jobs in Southern California. WIth California’s main industry also being tourism, this is an essential piece of the puzzle in California’s

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