How Did The French Revolution Influence Western Europe In The Late 19th Century

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Europe in the late 19th century had been swept away by revolutions. These revolutions got rid of most city states, and started to shape a more modern version of Western Europe. The nations that had monarchies adopted a constitution, becoming constitutional monarchies. This was so future revolutions would not occur. As a result of these new nations being erected an ideology of nationalism was created. Nationalism was one of the most important ideologies while developing the later 19th century. That can be said for the modern world as well. Nationalism is the devotion for one's own nation's interests over those of all other nations. The citizens were bonded with a common language, history, and culture. In the United States of America we would…show more content…
(Foreshadowing how Paris later becomes the center of art in all of Western Europe.) Other nation states adopt Napoleonic influence, and that is when they gain a new sense of loyalty to common language, history, and culture. Thus, leaving little room left for loyalty to bloodlines or religions. The nationalism ideology was often fueled by the revolutionaries, which were made up of a very large middle class. The middle class had grown to be huge during the first industrial revolution in the 18th century. During the 19th century Europe becomes incredibly wealthy. This brings about a second industrial revolution where we see more modern technology such as electricity and the internal combustion engine. We also see the the creation of a working class along with the middle class in factories etc. The forces the nation to create new legislation for the relatively new middle and working classes. Both the invention of the internal combustion engine and electricity are incredibly important to modern day life. Across Europe and America railroads start to be built and now there is the ability to share goods and ideas. Much later these developments allow for the spread of modernism ideology and avant-garde

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