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Why is Mary Slessor well known? Mary Slessor is well known, because some people have heard of and have seen her godly character or her accomplishments. (3) Surprisingly, her admirable character did not emerge from being in dark and hard-heartened Calabar, Nigeria, which is where she was a missionary. (5) Although Mary had a rough upbringing, she shared Jesus’ love with others, because she was saved from her sin and know the love of Jesus personally. Mary’s laudable qualities continued in her personal life, her life in Dundee, and in her life as a missionary to Calabar. In her personal life, Mary learned about and worked on exemplifying Jesus’ character. (4) Forming her life pattern of characteristics, Mary Slessor strongly and firmly believed Christians are to be separated from the world. (McLennan, 156) (2) To obey and serve God, she set her life apart and dedicated it for God’s glory and the furtherance of the Gospel. (McLennan, 157) (6) The Bible was dear to Mary. (3) Willingly, Mary obeyed the God-given, important laws, which took precedence in her life. (McLennan, 159) (5) When a marriage possibility arose, Mary prayed. ( If the workplace of the potential suitor allows, he would join her on the foreign field.…show more content…
(5) Although in Calabar Mary Slessor’s home became a house for many people, she still displayed humility. (McLennan, 167) (6) Mary was compassionate. (4) Showing compassion, she nursed abandoned, orphaned babies, who were children of slaves. (McLennan, 180) (2) At death, Mary would solemnly and tenderly dress and bury the lifeless person. (McLennan, 181) Mary was optimistic. (3) Confidently, she believed and was convinced that the Word of God could and would change many lives. (McLennan, 184) Mary Slessor lived out what she taught, while in Calabar, by showing them her admirable

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