The Industrial Revolution: Good Or Bad?

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Sophie Robichaud Mrs. Sauter History/ Block E 12/13/14 The Industrial Revolution, Good or Bad When I hear the statement, “The Industrial Revolution has had more negative effects on the world than positive effects,” I do not agree. I believe that the Industrial revolution brought an equal amount of positive and negative effects. The industrial Revolution brought many good things to many different countries throughout the world for many different reasons. Frist off, the industrial revolution brought a lot of new ideas and advances in technology. Scientist and inventors were able to create new things like machines that helped produce products faster. This inspired other inventions to be created, for example the assembly line, to be formed which sped up production even more. Since there were more factories being built it caused more jobs to become available. Another…show more content…
Steel was discovered and people started using it to build bridges and railroads because it was light and more reliable than iron was. Railroads were built throughout countries so people could get from one place to another easier. Also automobiles and airplanes were invented causing more opportunities to get places fast. Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone which made it easier and faster for people or businesses to get ahold of one another and communicate. One more positive effect was new businesses were thriving because inventors needed investors, which created new businesses. With all the inventions, more products were produced causing a great increase in economic activity in many countries. Because the Industrial revolution created new jobs and opportunities, a new social class was formed. Instead of having a class system with two classes, the nobles and peasants, there were three classes. The upper class consisted of wealthy entrepreneurs
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