Symbolism In The Seventh Man

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Water is the most important element earth has to offer. Water can be found in everything because everything needs water to sustain itself. In The short story The Seventh Man a man goes through a deep and long lasting depression because of the death of his childhood friend. The man goes through life with a fear of water with self-blame and with the feeling of not being forgiven. It was not until the end of his life that this man overcomes his fear and self -blame. Water is a symbol contained The Seventh Man within the story used to express death, forgiveness and revelation. First off water is a symbol of death in The Seventh Man. Water (the wave)is what caused the death of K. ” He tried to run, but now there was no time to run. In the next instant, the wave had swallowed him.”( Murakami 1082). Water is also what destroys years of the seventh man’s life. It destroys the sevenths man’s happiness and is his biggest fear. “It just barely missed me, but in my place it swallowed everything that mattered most to me and swept it off to another world. I took years to find it again to recover from the experience—precious years that can never be replaced.”(Murakami 1078). The seventh man was wastes his life because of the blame and depression he puts himself through. “And it was always the same dream, down to the smallest…show more content…
“I lay that way for a long time, face in the water, unable to stand. But I was not afraid. No, not at all. There was no longer anything for me to fear”.(Murakami 1086). The water is cleaning the depression the seventh man has had for so many years. “I stopped having my terrible nightmares. I no longer wake up screaming in the middle of the night”.(Murakami 1087). The water cleansed him of his fear and gave him the strength to move on with his life.” And I am trying now to start life over again. No, I know it’s probably too late to start again. I may not have much time left

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