The Major Causes Of The Industrial Revolution In Europe

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It was in the 1700s that the industrial revolution began and started to dramatically change the courses of economy in Europe, specifically Britain. It was one of the most important periods in all history of human society, as it transformed family and social structures but most importantly, the way individuals think, which was the major cause to the rapidly increasing economic growth that has occurred since the beginning of 1800s until present time. “The rapid industrial development that happened in Europe in the 19th century was a steady increase of new knowledge and techniques” (Adler et al, 441). Man then were starting to think out of the box and started to take risks by involving themselves more frequently in the economical and social affairs,…show more content…
Before the industrial revolution, transportation was mostly accomplished through the use of horses or by walking, which was really time consuming and inconvenient. Roads in Europe countries were also in really bad conditions and weren’t repaired on a regular basis, as it would often be described as ditches. “From early 1700s onwards, roads became better maintained, and new turnpike roads were constructed due to the increasing need to transport goods during the beginning of industrial revolution. Eventually, railroad network was developed and took over the former transportation system, as it took less time to transport the goods, regardless of various weather conditions” (Clark, 721-722). As the demand for goods increased, revolutions in transportation system took place. The increasing of world trade eventually occurred, when steam powered ships were invented and had enabled transporting goods across the ocean in short periods, without worrying too much about the weather conditions as it was not dependent on the wind. Major improvements could be seen in the speed of coastal travel, as well as the dramatic reductions in transportation charges. Due to the increasing demands of goods, the need for a larger workforce also grew, and has created numerous job opportunities in the cities, which resulted in the escalating number of countryside’s population migrating towards the cities, thus leading to the sudden increase in the urban population. The massive improvement of the transformation system was a boost for the growth of productivity, hence the economic growth. The invention of railway network was depended on to transport raw materials and finished goods over long distances, which was revolutionary as it was able to correspond to the amount

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