Bad Working Conditions During The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution had many effects. Some were good and some were bad. Even though it, over time, got better it still had many negative effects for the workers and the environment during that era. The bad working conditions, people separated from families, child labor, deformations in Children’s bodies’ pollution, and are some examples of what life was like in a factory back then. For the factory workers one of the worst things may have been the bad working conditions. Nearly every factory had bad working conditions. It was rare to find one that had good working conditions, if any. The factories had no safety precautions at all. Around the fast moving machines with people running around trying to do their jobs so they could have money to help there families. With no safety precautions someone may have ended up getting caught in the machines, getting injured, losing a body part or even dying. If a worker got injured by any means they would be fired without pay, and forced to find another job to help support their family. Sometimes the factory foremen would hit people who they felt weren’t working hard enough. With all members of the family being forced to work, this all kept people separated from their families. Everyone in the family had to work. No matter how young they…show more content…
Due to the fact that many children were working laborious jobs almost 24/7 while their bodies were still developing, they became deformed. Most children may have also developed health issues as well. Many children were forced to do menial tasks in the factories. Such as, keep the cotton in textile mills from tangling up. As well as keeping lint from collecting in the machines. As a result the air in the factory was full of cloth fibers. And since there was no safety for the workers or their health, they didn’t have masks to keep the fibers out, they had to breathe it in. this caused damage to the children’s lungs. As well as polluted the
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