An Essay On The Importance Of Marriage

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4. Taking action: calling the police, getting a lawyer and going to court Seeing two people holding hands or walking shoulder to shoulder can be beautiful. It is normal for couples to have arguments or quarrels. Different couples fight differently. Some avoid showing tension externally, while others are extremely loud when arguing. Others still are very manipulative and find ways to make their partner look bad. A few people may have cruel intentions which lead to strong conflict which then requires a mediator. Mediators can be friends or family, but can also be professionals. When a situation is really bad the police may get involved, and eventually so might lawyers, and, in more extreme cases, so might a judge. However, most separation or divorce cases do not need…show more content…
Through history the importance of marriage as a bond between two people has been expressed through the various rituals and customs that have developed over time and survived with passing generations. In many cultures, weddings unite families or clans, as well as two individuals. In some societies, marriages are often arranged by family members or matchmakers, who carefully select suitable partners or introduce men and women to one another. In our society, where individuals choose their own partners, couples usually spend a period of time dating, or getting to know each other before committing to marriage. Regardless of how couples are brought together, weddings are typically joyous occasions. For many, the period before the wedding is a special time of preparation and planning enriched by rituals and ceremonies. Marriage ceremonies symbolize the union of a couple through various rituals. These include exchanging rings or gifts, joining hands, or tying garments together. After the ceremony is completed, lavish feasts and dancing often celebrate the couple and their new life together. (World Book, Inc

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