Cause Of Arranged Marriage

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“Made in heaven, found on earth - marriages are a new beginning, according to some and the final end for others” (“Arranged Marriage”, 2009). Marriage is religiously and socially considered a huge responsibility and its failure could affect societies negatively. The result of marriages that end in divorce is broke down families, troubled children and wrecked societies. Especially in the Gulf countries, certain families consider such marriages of high social importance. Nonetheless, socially arranged marriages in this region have shown a low expectancy of success. Therefore, forced marriages, short engagements and incompatibility between potential couples are the main causes of divorce in arranged marriages in the Gulf region. The initial major cause of divorce in arranged marriages is forced marriage. Forced marriages are planned by families when the bride and the groom are chosen either randomly from a wedding or by family relatives. When both sides get married unwillingly, a lifelong struggle will begin to adapt to the undesired reality. The Saudi Gazette newspaper stated that women are still forced into…show more content…
According to Al-Qabas Newspaper (2016), forty-eight percent of women in Kuwait are divorced as a result of the gaps between married couples. These gaps could be age differences, education levels, interests and financial problems. For instance, many girls get married at a young age to a husband who is ten to twenty years older, creating a relationship between two different generations that lacks mutual understanding. For example, Batoul got married at the age of nine, having no knowledge at all, to twenty-year old Mohammed. Divorce is an ultimate solution to marriages in which a husband cannot financially provide his family needs. Life becomes impossible for some couples if they come from two different

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