Shinto Vs Amish Essay

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Shinto vs. Amish The two different religions that were researched were the Amish and the Shinto. There are several attributes to each religion that make them similar and very different. To begin, Amish are members of an Anabaptist Christian denomination. Amish typically are known for living in remote areas, away from society (The Amish). Amish do not support technology typically. Current day Amish mainly reside in the Midwest. The theology of the Amish is typically what Christians believe but somewhat more literal. The Amish believe in the study of the bile being of the utmost importance. After baptism life should be lived free of sin (The Amish). “The Amish are primarily set apart from other Mennonites in their great emphasis on the values of humility, family, community, and separation from the world” (The Amish). The main Amish practices in their belief system are their revulsion of…show more content…
Shinto is said to be an organized religion of the Japanese people. Shinto embraces a vast variety of beliefs and practices. Dr. Meredith Sprunger states, “In its most basic sense Shinto is a religious form of Japanese patriotism. The mythology of Shintoism teaches that Japan and the Japanese people were brought into being by special divine creation and that their emperors were literally descendants of the Sun Goddess” (Sprunger). The main areas of worship that the Shinto partakes in are Nature, Emperor Worship, and Purity worship. The Amish do not typically partake in public holidays. Amish do celebrate Easter, Christmas and Good Friday (Amish America). Also Easter Monday, a second Christmas on the 26th Pentecost and Ascension Day are acknowledged as holidays (Amish America). Some differences are at Christmas Amish exchange gifts, but there is no Christmas tree. There are not normally special church days for Easter or Christmas. On the Sundays near those holidays is when the scripture for those days are

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