Small Group Roles In The Princess And The Frog

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I chose the Disney’s The Princess and The Frog as my movie because it contains examples of small groups, relationships of varying types, conflict, and other concepts. This movie not only has examples of small groups but it also has examples of group roles. When the main couple meet adds two new additions to their previous pair the new recruits take on the formal role, through implied election, as leaders and navigate the bayous of New Orleans. During the majority of the movie our focus is on a small group. A group of four with the common goal of becoming finding a voodoo woman and becoming human. Out of the two types of small groups the characters belong to a secondary support group, but as time passes and relationships form the four also become a…show more content…
Starting with step one, initiation. Initiation is the meet up the first impression and the time to make the decision to keep interacting with this new person. The movie’s version of the initiating process happens in the scene where Tiana in princess garb meets a frog Naveen. Step two, experimenting, I define experimenting as a gift exchange of information. Step two is depicted in the movie when the stars come to an agreement to scratch each other’s backs and the come to another agreement shortly after to travel together and solve their common problem, being frogs. Step three, intensifying, characterized as blending of the two parties. This step was not portrayed in the movie but there was a transition from travel buddies to love interests. Step four, bonding, the text book says bonding is the ultimate stage of coming together and that bonding is announced to the world through public ritual. I define step four as the solidification of the relationship as pertaining to the two parties. This could be a wedding a trip to the courthouse or an agreement to not see other people. The bonding in the movie was a wedding between the two former

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