Personal Narrative: A Short Story

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Helping elderly people use the bathroom wasn't what I expected I was going to do for the summer, but I was. The clock on the dash of my 2001 White Chrysler Sebring read 1350. I was supposed to punch in at 1353, so I decided to get a move on. I collected all the items I would need for the day, my name tag, a pen and my energy drink. I opened my car door to a rush of humid sticky air. The sun was beating down on my dark hair enough to make me sweat instantly. My walk through the newly paved parking lot stung my nostrils with the stench of tar. I passed the salty laundry woman and felt obligated to say hello as she took out the trash. A couple of fake smiles later and I was to the doors. I pressed the handicap button and felt a breeze of refreshing…show more content…
As I was progressing up and down the rooms, I noticed a woman out of place. She was pacing around in another resident's room in her black wheel chair. Her short hair was as pearly white as a wedding dress and curled to perfection. A pair of massive sized, square glasses sat on the bridge of her nose. Her stunning blue eyes squinted behind her drooping eyelids. Her wrinkled skin sunk deep into her face like trenches on the ocean floor. The faded red sweater she wore was worn and the sleeve was unraveling. As she moved slowly and cautiously, I could almost hear her bones creak. The skin that drooped underneath her neck shook as her jaw trembled. The white diabetic socks she had on were so old and stretched out that they covered most of her dull black shoes. Her spine arched from years of hard work. The liver spots and veins protruding from her hands acted as a roadmap to her riveting past. I could smell vanilla lotion emanating from her. She had a perplexing aura surrounding her. To me, it almost seemed like her old, fragile body was some sort of costume that disguised a youthful soul. She was doing no harm in the room, but I couldn't leave her there, due to protocol. I approached her with respect and admiration. When I placed my hand upon her shoulder, she slowly turned to look up to me. Her eyes twinkled as the corners of her mouth turned up into a charming,…show more content…
I love you.” And with that she fell motionless. Her chest failed to rise up again with air. The color that was once bright and vivid in her face slipped away. Her fingers had begun to mottle. She was no longer with us. I broke down and cried while holding her hand. I was not mentally prepared for the inevitable. I had never experienced this sort of heartbreak before. I looked forward to seeing this woman everyday. She made each day a little brighter for me. The connection I had with her was more than I can even comprehend. I’d never had such a beautiful, pure friendship as I did with her. This experience rocked my world but it has made me a wiser person. Seeing her go so quickly, affected my view of life. There’s no telling what the future will hold. I’ve discovered an importance in making every moment I have on this earth, worth living. I value things that I never would have in the past. Life is a gift that I can’t be thankful enough for. There is no better thing in the world than to share the time I have with the people I love. Every second counts because you will never know when someone’s time will run out. I have learned to appreciate everyday and not take the little things in life for granted. Overall, what I have learned from her death is that I will not die, without truly

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