Why Did Philip's Perspective On Life Change?

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I have a question: Philip was a different man before he met Anna, but after he met her, why did his perspective on life change? One way his perspective on life changed was because Anna showed him her repulsion to slavery, and her thoughts on his plantation, which helped him improve the standards of living, both morally and physically. “ Full emancipation at Oakely Park had been his wedding gift to Anna. When he saw her smile and tears of gratitude as she threw herself into his arms and covered him with kisses, he did not spare one thought to the cost that would be the result of what the other plantation owners had called “ridiculous philanthropy.” “ (Moore 221) Anna showed him how evil slavery was, and even though he was considered a good master, and always treated his slaves as…show more content…
Another reason his perspective on life changed was because he was able to love again. “ In Anna he felt as if he’d found his perfect match— a woman who was strong where he came up lacking, a woman who completed him— but he’d found her too late. If only they had met years earlier in London. He had no doubt they would have fallen in love. And not the infatuated, mooncalf love he’d felt for Jacqueline, but a real connection with a woman who brought him happiness, who made his life better, who surprised him every day. “ (Moore 141) Before Philip moved to Jamaica, he fell in love with a girl in London named Jacqueline. He thought she loved him and that they would get married, but what he didn’t know was that she was falling in love with his brother. When he met Anna, he made a connection with her and felt a deeper love than he had ever felt before. He learned what true love was, and he was able to find his best friend in his wife, and happiness as he had never dreamed of feeling. Anna helped Philip in many ways and changed his perspective on life in a positive way. Philip’s plantation became full of free workers, and he was able to change their livelihood, as well as that of their

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