Essay On Water Quality

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Water shortages can cause many problems. Contaminated water consumption is increasing day by day in Prishtina region, but this water causes health problems since it is not as healthy as citizens may think. The World Bank of Kosova has made a study on water contamination quality and the results showed that poor water quality has a great importance and can affect citizens’ health and lives. Some of the diseases that are caused by polluted water are the waterborne illnesses. Some studies show that even mortality can be a problem caused by contaminated water. However; these diseases are not the only one. Some studies have shown that the most common illness caused by this issue is the diarrheal disease. One of the main factors that cause this illness is the consumption of dirty water. The most affected generation can be the children younger than five year old since their immunity system is not strong enough to face it. Since Prishtina do not have water all the time, many restaurants and…show more content…
Water is a very important factor to grow food. When there is not enough water supplies than there is not enough food production as well. Water is also an important element for animals and the lack of water supply would cause the death of many animals. Due to this, the famine would increase day by day while the mortality would increase enormously. It must be mentioned that rural areas are the mostly affected population from water shortages. In these places, children are the ones who have to go to far areas to get water for their families. this means that these children have to miss school since they have to walk several miles to get water and this may decrase the education level for this children since they miss important lectures. In addition to this, in some places some children, particularly females are not allowed to go to school at all, so they are forced to get water for their
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