The Importance Of Travel Guides

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Travel guides are in no time changing the tourism scene and the standard method for doing things of destinations, attractions and conventional tourism information source, as they seek to organize the developing needs of traveler who request quick access to pertinent information and media content in advancing Innovations are similarly changing the vacationer conduct and involvement in association with the substance conveyance of tourism. Travel guides are fit for enhancing the traveler involvement with the destinations. These days travel guides and other versatile devices turning out to be best in class, tourism is one application zone. According to Putri (2014), there are lots of travel guidebooks on the market. Guidebooks authors and publishers…show more content…
Lew (1991) indicated that guidebooks provide important aspects of a destination, whether it desirable or undesirable, and directing tourists to select from the available product options. Furthermore, guidebooks may influence the formation of destination images that will influence tourist’s perception and satisfaction (Nishimura, Waryszak, and King, 2006). Therefore, it is very important to create a travel guidebook that can fulfill the tourist’s needs in term of visiting destination. There are seven underlying needs in term of the use of travel guidebooks by tourists namely functional needs, forward-looking needs, learning needs, autonomy needs, tension reduction needs, security needs, and objectification needs. For the purposes of the present study, a guidebook is defined as any literature that provides destination information for visitors, include any form of travel guide. A guidebook can be seen as a tool to make independent tourists feel to find advice and information worth knowing about places, attractions, accommodation, transport, eating out, etc (Bender, Gidlow, and Fisher,…show more content…
Consumption phase happens on a trip where the important factors for a tourist are the connection, navigation, short-term decision-making process of for example in finding a decent restaurant and also the on-site transactions of events around the destination etc. Lastly is the phase of post-consumption which happens after the trip is made. The needs of a tourist are to share and document the experiences, activate the external memory and re-experience the trip again and also to make attachments to the visited sights and places to re-experience the trip once again. (Buhalis and Costa,

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