Transportation In The Middle Ages

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Transportation in the Middle Ages was an influential task in order to find new technologies that otherwise shaped the world it is known today. Between the times of the medieval ages and the renaissance period, the different classes of people traveled in very different styles, no matter whether by water based transport or by land-based transport. Even though the roads were not the best at the time, the people still pushed through the crowded streets in order to get where they needed more efficiently. When a longer journey was needed, many different varieties of ships were used that performed lots of different tasks from cargo to military. The history of transportation from riding carriages and carts to embarking on long journeys by water changed drastically in the middle ages…show more content…
These people naturally were provided with the most comfortable, safe and efficient forms of transportation than most others in the society at that time (Newman). One could always tell when a person of high importance was passing through when they would see a covered wagon being guided by a servant and the finest horses that anyone could wish to have. Some days, the rich would switch up their transportation styles and decide to travel in a carriage – like box that sat on two poles and was guided by two horses that had been meticulously taught to travel at the same speed and same direction, unless directed otherwise. As well as traveling with the best of horses and carts, they were given all of the new types of informational technologies, like compasses, that would guide them to wherever they desired to go with ease (Newman). The higher classes in the middle ages showed their monetary values in many ways, one being how they chose to travel day to
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