Fate And Freewill In The Alchemist

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Many important topics are discussed in Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist, one of which is the roles of fate and freewill in an individual’s pursuit of their dreams. This topic is clearly present throughout the duration of the story; most distinctly through the struggles many characters must go through to achieve their dreams. Many characters such as the regretful crystal merchant, the knowledge-loving englishman and the main character Santiago himself are put to the test with a variety of challenges laid in the path towards their dreams. Each of these characters must face different obstacles, and each one reacts differently to the difficulties thrown in their paths. The course of each individual’s path is determined not by the restrictions set in place by chance, but by the individual’s attitude towards change.…show more content…
He reveals to Santiago that he had always wanted to travel to Mecca. The crystal merchant instead chooses not to go to Mecca for the fear of being disappointed, and insists to Santiago that he was destined to never go to Mecca. He tells Santiago that he had always wanted to go to Mecca, and made it very clear that it was his ultimate dream. Despite this, when he is offered another chance to travel he decides not to go, and tells Santiago that it is his fate to never make the pilgrimage to Mecca. He continues to insist that it is his fate, despite the fact that he was offered a chance to go to Mecca. Though destiny may have prevented him from making his journey sooner, He consciously chooses to ignore the chances offered to him and instead decides to think that he has no control over the way he believes his life is meant to

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