The British Empire

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The British Empire was the most powerful empire that presided in the world for over two centuries. It was the biggest most formal empire and this empire brought a lot of people to its attention. It was so powerful because they were so advanced in weaponry and warfare than any other country in the entire world. It was a unique type of empire and stood out from any other country in the world. The power of the British Empire soon began to spread throughout the entire globe and it had long lasting effect on various countries, especially around the Middle East areas. While the British Empire proved to be extremely powerful for many centuries, it couldn’t be like that forever so the British Empire itself had its up and downs. It went through triumphs,…show more content…
The nineteenth and twentieth centuries proved to be were momentous time periods for the British because they ruled over many territorial Empires around the world and they brought their traditions with them as a result. Many countries outside of Europe refer to British Empire and have owed their existence to them because without the British they would never have gotten where they were. The British also did a lot for different communities for example they were carriers of around roughly 11 million Africans that were shifted to the United States of America as slaves. The Caribbean was also the home to British settlement and the British themselves bought to the Caribbean some of those African slaves as mentioned above. The Caribbean proved to be essentially the most section the outcome of that coerced migration. From the middle of the 19th century, the British attracted a huge number of Indian and Chinese people to their territories and the British employed these two races of people. Later on the British had a great fascination with the Indians and their heritage. Nevertheless their scions or implantation’s make up a huge number of populations that reside from many nations around the world. These various nations include Trinidad, Guyana, Mauritius, Fiji, Malaysia and…show more content…
They particularly made the most out of the land that was available to them. The British showed different patterns of farming, mining and manufacturing. These methods of farming, etc greatly impacted on the tribes as they began to learn more about the farming practices that were introduced. Land and resources were made use of in certain ways than that of the tribes abroad. The English also transformed forested islands into sugar plantations and as well as that prairies were

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