Moment: An Essay: The Journey Of Life

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Moment, which comes but only once in someone’s lifetime, when you find someone who can totally turn your world around. You think of a having a small talk but it becomes a never ending conversation. You discuss and tell things, you never wanted to share with anyone on this planet. And they listen (not just hear) to and absorb everything you say and actually want to listen to more and more. You share plans for the future, however unrealistic or mediocre those plans may sound. Goals that you had planned and couldn’t achieve or missed. Your, not so smooth, journey of life with fair portion of disappointments and obstacles. And you also share some achievements which may seem trivial to world but for you and them it’s nothing less than well-deserved…show more content…
You start developing as a person. Things that used to bore you, suddenly becomes very interesting because somewhere inside your heart you realize, they are important to this person who is so special to you. Every single act you do at every single occasion, you always keep this person in your mind and think about them. Simple things like small whispers of cold breeze, harmony of rain drops, early morning Azaan, orange sky during sunrise, birds going back to their nest in evening, moon playing hide and seek with clouds bring them to your mind. Your childhood fantasies are once again there to get fulfilled with their support. You become young again. Life is no more just plain and white. It becomes indeed turquoise with a hint of fuchsia and a dash of auburn and sometimes emerald and burgundy and chartreuse too. You become an open book who wants to get explored by your avid reader, who reads only you. You trust that person so much that you open your heart completely knowing that there’s no chance of getting it broken, you experience a love and ecstasy that you never dreamed before. You find that being open and vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure that’s so real it sometimes scares you as well. But the same time you find strength in knowing you have a true friend and companion and possibly a soul mate who will remain loyal and always be at your side to the

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