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My game review will be on Batman: Arkham city. An action and strategy packed game playable on the Xbox360, PS3, and Windows. The game follows the life of Bruce Wayne, or his undercover identity, Batman; and the struggles he faces of fighting is own inner demons about straddling the line of never killing anyone and helping Gotham city stay safe at the same time. The topics that we will analyze in this game are interpretation of masculinity, differences in the story when the protagonist is a female, portraying female characters, and how it represents the sexual orientation of its characters. Arkham city revolves around Batman’s experiences from childhood to becoming the man he is today and the battles he has with his arch enemies. The Joker,…show more content…
The gameplay for Catwoman begins with her trying to steal a chip from Two-Face, this causes her to get caught, be tied up and put on trial. At this juncture, the reference changes back to Batman and Catwoman is now the damsel in distress that needs to be rescued. “the knight in shining armor had to rescue the damsel in distress. The sexist portrayal of the male as the hero and the female as the victim is typical of traditional gender role attitudes.” [3] This shows that even when Catwoman is the center of the attention in the story, she has to fulfil her role of being in at least one situation where she represents the stereotype about the man rescuing the…show more content…
In the DC comic, the sexual orientation of Catwoman, Quinn, Ivy, had always a mystery bisexual until just a few years ago [6] when it was confirmed. The game being released well before the confirmation, the developer hinted at the fact in a positive approach that did not cause anyone to potentially get offended. The designers did not come right out and say it but gave very subtle hints that if a gamer would give more thought, they would figure it out from the interactions and language using to describe Harley and Ivy being lover, or how Catwoman has a preference for both

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